Anthony Portesy for Superintendent of Highways


Anthony Portesy
Superintendent of Highways

I'm Anthony Portesy, Democratic Candidate for Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent. I am a proud Brookhaven resident, raised here as a product of the Middle Country School District, graduating from Newfield High School. Prior to attending law school, I attended Stony Brook University and graduated with a degree in Business Management and Political Science. My ties to the community are deep and that is why I wanted to get involved and help to make Brookhaven a place we can all be proud to live in again.

I have watched our infrastructure deteriorate beneath our feet while the tax burden of living in Brookhaven are driving our friends and family away from our Town. Our roads are in disrepair and despite the fact that as taxpayers, we are currently investing over $125 million dollars annually in our highway department. Year after year, we see the budget grow, yet the roads are not getting better. We need new leadership in the Town Highway Department and I will bring a level of accountability and transparency that has eluded the Highway Department. I will end the practice of no bid contracts and create a truly sealed bidding process.

I hope that you will support me, Anthony Portesy, on November 7th. Together, we can build a better future for Brookhaven.

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