Meet the Candidates

You can help turn Brookhaven BLUE!!! Every single candidate needs your help. By working together we can return to civility and engage in serious discussions through compromise and consensus to make our community a better place to live for EVERYONE, not just a select few. Below is the contact information for all of the campaigns. Join one or join several. Volunteer as much time as you can. Remember the words of President Obama, Yes we can! 

Kirsten Gillibrand
US Senate 

Perry Gershon 
Congress (CD-1) 

Andrew Cuomo

Kathy Hochul
Lieutenant Governor 

Tish James
Attorney General 

Tom DiFapoli

Jay Schneiderman
Suffolk County Comptroller 

Theresa Whelan
Surrogate Judge

Greg Fischer
State Senate District 1 

Kathleen Cleary
State Senate District 2 

Monica Martinez
State Senate District 3 

Fred Thiele
State Assembly District 1

Rona Smith
State Assembly District 2

Clyde Parker
State Assembly District 3

Steven Engelbright
State Assembly District 4

If you are unsure of your state senator or state assemblyperson, please visit: 

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