2017 NYS Board of Elections Finance Calendar

2017finance.jpg*  Campaign Material (or a disclaimer stating that no campaign materials have been produced) must be submitted with Post Election reports.  All filers with NYS Board of Elections (NYSBOE) must send this campaign material or disclaimer by mail.  Local filers that are only required to file with their local board(s) of elections must continue to file this material with that office.

** 24-Hour Notice - During these time periods, any contribution or loan which exceeds $1,000 must be reported within 24 hours of receipt via fax or the NYSBOE website (address above).  This same contribution or loan must also be reported in the associated Post Election report.

*** Additional Independent Expenditure Reporting Requirements - Independent Expenditure Committees have additional 24 hour notice and Weekly Notice requirements.  Please refer to 14-107 (3) (b) and (c). 

Note for Filers:

  • The criteria for termination are: a) all previously required Campaign Financial Disclosure Reports must have been filed to date; b) all outstanding loans and liabilities must have been repaid or forgiven, and required letters of indebtedness/forgiveness must have been submitted; c) the campaign bank account must have an ending cash balance of $0, which also must be reflected in the final filed disclosure report. – For NYSBOE filers, a final itemized disclosure report using the Electronic Filing System (EFS) Software must be submitted electronically, or a No-Activity report, if applicable, must be filed online at www.elections.ny.gov or by using a CF-18 form.  A CF-18 form must be submitted by mail in conjunction with the filing of the final disclosure report for termination approval. Campaign Financial Disclosure Reports are required to be filed until termination is approved by NYSBOE in writing.
  • After submitting electronic reports, please visit the NYSBOE website to confirm receipt and accuracy of content. No report should have a negative balance.
  • For electronic filers: “Filing Year” is the year the report is due to be filed.
  • Primary and/or General Election Reports are required from all registered PACs, Party and Constituted Committees, and Independent Expenditure Committees unless a Notice of Non-Participation in Election(s) by a Registered PAC, Party and Constituted Committees or Independent Expenditure Committees (CF-20) is qualified for and filed. The CF-20 may be submitted via the NYSBOE website.  A CF-20 may not be filed for Periodic Reports.

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