Contact the Brookhaven Town Democratic Committee

Chair, Anthony Portesy

Email: [email protected]

Cell: 516-901-1787 


About the Brookhaven Town Democratic Committee

The BTDC is the Democratic Party organ responsible for electing progressive candidates, defending the middle class, and ensuring that all town residents - regardless of political affiliation - receive effective and transparent government services. We are led by Anthony Portesy and an Executive Committee elected by the men and women comprising the Brookhaven Town Democratic Committee. Please reach out to the Committee via the contact form on this website if you are interested in joining our team and making a positive difference across Brookhaven Town.

What is a Democratic Committee Member?

The Democratic Party is governed by committees of citizens who are registered Democrats, from the national level down to state and community-level. A Democratic Committee Member is a person who is elected or appointed as a party official tasked with performing duties on behalf of the Democratic party in Brookhaven Town.

Who can be a Committee Member?

Any individual who resides in Brookhaven and who is a registered Democrat can apply to become a committee member. Each Election District, or ED, can legally only have two committee members assigned to it at once. If an ED already has two members representing it, new members can be assigned to adjacent EDs.

What does being a Committee Member entail?

Committee Members will work to increase voter registration, assist in hosting community forums, help to craft the Democratic Party platform, organize their local neighborhoods, assist in getting Democratic candidates on the ballot through the petitioning process, and work to produce high democratic voter turnout in their prospective EDs, among other things. Committee members are also voting members of the Brookhaven Town Democratic Committee and the Suffolk County Democratic Committee which gives them the authority to represent and vote on behalf of their EDs on issues that are important to their communities and on candidates running for election.

Committee Members are also asked to contribute an annual amount to assist the Committee in covering the costs of the headquarters, paper, postage, etc. The suggested amount is $25 but, as always, any greater amount will be happily accepted and greatly appreciated. Becoming a Committee Member is also a great opportunity to engage in social networking and a chance to meet people in your community with diverse, yet common interests.

What are petitions and why do we have to get them signed?

In order to get on the ballot in New York State, a candidate must meet a variety of specific filing requirements known as ballot access laws. These requirements, which are set at the state level, determine whether a candidate or party will appear on an election ballot. A candidate must meet these requirements early on in their election run (usually by June). In order for a candidate to run as a state party recognized candidate they must file designating petitions. They are required to have the petitions signed by a certain percentage of registered voters of a specific party in their district in order to run on that party’s line. Committee Members are required to obtain a minimum of 20 signatures within their ED per election cycle. This is also a great chance to get out and meet your neighbors and better understand the concerns of your communities!

How do I become a Brookhaven Town Democratic Committee Member?

If you are not already a member, or if you are looking to renew membership, or even if you just know of someone who might be interested in becoming a member, please fill out the Google Form Here and return to the email or USPS address listed on the form.