Brain Food from The Atlantic

Once in a while, I like to share an article or information that I think you might enjoy. Today it's an article from The Atlantic - How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul.

The Democratic Party has a big tent. Yet over the years, we have lost touch with many people who the popular media labels as "working class whites."

Just last week, I was reading an article in which the author was addressing the need for Democrats to organize by going door-to-door in neighborhoods by talking to voters. Activists, the article stated, should "think of it as having deep Terry Gross conversations." Boy, did the underlying class bias of that sentence make my hair stand on end!

The article addresses the historical roots of those kind of assumptions. It's my hope that it broadens the way we think about our party and what we stand for. It's long but the intent is to encourage further discussion.

There are no easy answers to reshaping our party. There are no bumper sticker solutions or pithy posts on social media. And we shouldn't think that someone from Washington is going to provide those answers. It doesn't matter who the chairman of the DNC is or who staffs the offices of the DCCC.

We have to provide the answers.

Since we already know who we are against, it is now our responsibility to define what we stand for.

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