Brookhaven Can Beat Trump on November 5th

Dear Friends,


I know that some of you are anxiously waiting for the 2020 election to vote against Trump. On Facebook and Twitter, we are debating who is the best candidate to defeat the racist, misogynist, vitriol-spewing occupant in the White House.  But we can defeat Trump BEFORE the presidential election. 


  • By working for clean water and the environment - we defeat Trump!
  • By rebuilding our local roads and bridges - we defeat Trump
  • By supporting honest, open, and transparent local government- we defeat Trump!
  • By working to protect and help the most needy among us - we defeat Trump!
  • By working to fight racism, sexism and attacks on the LGBTQ community -we defeat Trump
  • By supporting labor unions and workers rights - we defeat Trump! 


All of the above are LOCAL issues. That's why the local election is so important. It starts here and it starts now. We can send a message loud and clear, that Brookhaven will not stand for the divisiveness coming out of Washington. 


To do this, we need your help. We are asking for volunteers to help elect Democratic candidates. Each one of the Brookhaven Democratic candidates is smart, hard-working, and care deeply about our community. By electing Brookhaven Democrats, we will lay a firm foundation that will defeat the current congressman (a wholly owned and controlled subsidiary of the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson) in 2020.   


To do this, we are asking you to please contact any one of their campaigns and volunteer. Their contact information is listed on our "volunteer" page. You can make phone calls, stuff envelopes, or join a team to go door-to-door and talk to voters. And since all campaigns need funds for mailing and campaign literature, please consider donating. This is your opportunity to start the process of defeating Trump!



Lillian Clayman

Chair, Brookhaven Town Democratic Committee