Jack Harrington Releases Bold Ethics Plan for Brookhaven Town

Jack Harrington, Democratic candidate for Brookhaven Town Supervisor, released a bold ethics plan to clean up Brookhaven Town.

Jack knows that there is a real cost to corruption. Every dollar that goes to an ill-gotten contract is a dollar increase in your taxes, a dollar taken away from our schools, and a dollar taken away from vital services to our seniors.

As the next Town Supervisor, Jack's plan will:

- Enact term limits for elected officials;
- Create an online contracting and vendor database, so every resident can see how their tax dollars are being spent;
- Enhance Contracting Disclosure Law;
- Strengthen the Board of Ethics; and
- Create an independent Inspector General to investigate Town contracts and root out corruption.  
But let's face it, campaigns cost money and Jack is taking on a well-oiled political machine that has been running for 30 years. Can Jack count on you for a grassroots donation of $25, $50, or even $75 so he can take his campaign directly to the people of Brookhaven?
With your support, Jack will be able to deliver real reform in Brookhaven.
Andrew Brockwell
Campaign Manager
Harrington for Supervisor