Important Mail In Ballot Info



The Board of Elections office is open Saturday 9am to 3pm. Voters who want to vote-by-mail can still do so even though the mail-in date has passed. The first step is to submit an Absentee Ballot Application, (see instructions below). You can get one at the BOE when you arrive. It takes 24 hours to receive the actual ballot back  So, the ballot can be picked-up Monday 9 to 4:30 pm, and the voter can take the ballot to their car, fill-it out and go right back and put it into the drop-box in the lobby. 

Monday is the last day to apply for a mail in ballot. That means you can pick the ballot up on Election Day and vote. The BOE office is open until 9pm election day.

The Board of Elections on Yaphank Ave., Yaphank NY 11980. For some crazy reason if you look up their address on-line it says 700 Yaphank Ave. (their PO Box number) but if you are using your GPS put in 335 Yaphank Ave. Yaphank NY 11980. They do have a sign posted out front that has 700 on it. 

Below is the application for those who can download and print.


In filling out the form be sure to do the following. 

Box 1, check box "temporary illness...” this is the covid excuse. 

Box 2check box “General Election only”

Box 3, the name you are registered to vote under.  

Box 4, Your Date of Birth and "Suffolk County"

Box 5, the street address where you are registered to vote from in Suffolk Co. (No PO Box number). 

Box 6 (skip, the primary election has past)

Box 7, check box "deliver to me in person at the Board of Elections" 

Then Sign and Date (Ignore the request below your signature for witness to mark, etc.)

The actual ballot will be available for you to pick-up 24 hours later, but not on Sunday. 

When you do receive the actual ballot in the mail be sure to sign and date the OUTSIDE of the supplied envelope where indicated before sending it back. (no witness signature necessary). Put your filled out ballot in that envelope, seal it and put it in the self-addressed envelope supplied. Do not write anything additional on the ballot or it may be disqualified. The deadline for returning the filled out ballot is it must be postmarked no later than Election Day.