Brookhaven Democratic Executive Committee Endorses Judge Whelan

The Executive Board of the Brookhaven Town Democratic Committee has overwhelmingly endorsed Judge Theresa Whelan for Suffolk Surrogate Judge.

“Theresa Whelan is a life-long Democrat. She has served on the bench for ten years and is the only truly qualified candidate to serve as surrogate judge,” said Brookhaven Democratic Chair Lillian Clayman.  

“To run a Republican in a Democratic primary is an all-out assault on our party and the values that we stand for,” Clayman said. “We will be waging a campaign against this attempt to hijack our party by the Republicans. It’s dirty tricks, plain and simple.” 

Longtime Democratic activist and First Council District Leader Barry McCoy said, "It is outrageous that there are supporters of Tara Scully in the Democratic Party who are attempting to deny the public a choice for the Surrogate court judgeship by supporting a Republican to be a candidate on the Democratic line. Party lines should be restricted to party members.  New York law should be changed to forbid the process of cross endorsement which is a major source of corruption."

Scully, a registered Republican, is challenging Theresa Whelan for the Democratic line in a primary to be held on September 13th.

“As Democrats, we will stand should to shoulder against the Republicans and their enablers who want to destroy our party and what we stand for,” said Clayman.